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Say Hello to Archean Butterstone….

You are probably asking yourself "What is Archean Butterstone?" Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? Is it edible, something high in saturated fat or someone's old chattahoochee? The answers are no, no, yes, no, no and no.

Archean Butterstone is a rock that formed over 2500 million years ago around the Greenstone Belt of Southern Africa. (Hard to fathom that long ago, right?)

Archean Butterstone is classified as a fossil because it contains evidence of some of the earliest forms of life including stramatolites, a primeval microorganism made up of blue-green algae (aka cyanobacteria).

Are you familiar with kambaba jasper? Well, those rather different looking orbicular designs are a result of stramatolites that “expired” on the stone.

It was given the name "Archean" because it came from the Archean Period, a time that spanned from 4500 million years ago (around the time of the beginning of the planets) up to the start of the Proterozoic Era (approx. 2500 million years ago). “Butter” comes from it having a smooth “warm” feeling on its polished sides.

Want to experience holding a piece of ancient history that is REAL OLD? Hold it in your hand and let it take you to the real ancient times. You may get a feel for the rock's humbling beginnings. Now is your chance. This rock predates dinosaurs.

These rocks come in a corrugated box (from this era) along with a historical background leaflet.

For $9.00 (including shipping), you can own a piece of rock that formed over 2500 million years ago! When we say "own a piece of the rock", we aren't talking about insurance or investments. Then again, it could turn into a sound investment! One neva knows.

Its properties are believed to bring about grounding, stability, healing, perseverance, resilience, hope and a connection to life. Hey, anything else wouldn't surprise me. This fossil holds the energies of an ancient earth.

All of the Archean Butterstones are similar. They vary only slightly in shape and coloration. To make my life easier, I am going to keep the same picture. Thank you for understanding.

Rock Specs:
Length: 2 1/2" (longest side)
Width: 1 3/4" (longest side)
Circumference: 7 " (at widest part):
Weight: 7.0 ounces

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